Removing the Bars- Criminal Justice Conference

Removing the Bars: TAKE ACTION Kick Off Keynote Featuring Angela Y. Davis

Friday, March 23, 2012 – 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Columbia University, Morningside Campus, Alfred Lerner Hall, Roone Arledge Auditorium

This event will serve as the kick-off for the 2012 Removing the Bars conference on criminal justice and will feature a presentation from Angela Y. Davis, an American black activist, philosopher, feminist scholar and author. Prisoner rights has been one of Angela Davis’s major commitments and she is the founder of Critical Resistance, an organization working to abolish the prison-industrial complex. A spoken word performance and closing ceremony depicting the varieties of ways people have been impacted by the criminal justice s! ystem will follow the presentation. Continue reading


Milk Not Jails is now open for business!

Milk Not Jails is a new brand of dairy products made by New York dairy farmers who are committed to preserving agriculture in rural New York and to dismantling our state’s dysfunctional prison system.  Milk Not Jails partners with dairy farmers in New York who sign on to our policy agenda.  In exchange for their strategic political support, we market, sell, and distribute their products to urban consumers through our non-profit marketing and distribution company.

Buy your milk, half & half, yogurt, butter and more from Milk Not Jails.  See below for more information about our farmers, where to purchase the Milk Not Jails brand, and our products and prices.

Our Farms

Because rural sustainable development and job creation are our priorities, we work with small, non-industrialized farms that are committed to environmental preservation.

Our farms don’t pump their fields full of chemical pesticides. They don’t keep cows in cages all day, feed them genetically modified corn and soy, or inject them with artificial hormones rGBH or rBST.  They don’t prioritize profits over their cows’ or consumers’ health.  They don’t milk cows when they have udder infections or other ailments. Continue reading

Mujeres inmigrantes exigen un alto a separación de familias

Mujeres inmigrantes exigen un alto a separación defamilias: En el marco del Día Internacional de la Mujer, varias mujeres y miembros del CDL exigen alto a inversiones en centros de detención

Gloria Robles | 14 de Marzo del 2012 | Noticia NY

“Queremos que el público sepa de la hipocresía de Wells Fargo, que mientras tiene un rostro amigo con la comunidad hispana; por otro lado esta institución invierte su dinero en los centros de detención para inmigrantes,” expresó Omar Ángel Pérez, Director del Centro de Derechos Laborales (CDL) en Hempstead, minutos antes de dirigirse a la vigilia que se realizo frente de las oficinas de Wells Fargo ubicada en la Fulton Ave. en Hempstead para protestar sobre estas inversiones que perjudican a la comunidad hispana.  Continue reading

Celebrate Intl Women’s Day and Protest Wells Fargo

Come to celebrate with us the International Women’s Day!!

What: International Women’s Day Celebration

When: March 8th

4:30pm Movie “The Help”

6:45pm Vigil “Keep our families together”

Where: Movie: 91N Franklin St. Suite 207, Hempstead, NY

Vigil: Wells Fargo Bank,145 Fulton Avenue Hempstead.

To commemorate those who gave their lives in the struggle for the recognition of our rigths, will be presenting the film “The Help”. At the end we will have comments from the members of the House Cleaners Unity Cooperative.

Then we will have a vigil outside the Wells Fargo bank asking for an end to the separation of our families. Continue reading

Rochester Protests Wells Fargo’s investment in Prison Industrial Complex

Click here for another Wells Fargo Dump the Prison Stock Video

Hundreds March in Harlem against Mass Incarceration & Private Prisons

Via Families for Freedom

Hundreds March in Harlem against Mass Incarceration & Private Prisons

Members of Families for Freedom joined with the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) Immigrant Worker Justice working group and the OWS Prisoner Solidarity working group to protest the connection between investment in private prisons and the mass incarceration of prisoners and immigrant detainees. Hundreds of protestors marched in Harlem highlighting the role private prison companies have played in supporting anti-immigrant policies, leading to record detention and deportation rates. The protest ws part of a national day of action during which over 15 cities held protests in solidarity with the ongoing hunger strike at California’s Pelican Bay State Prison, with communities dispossessed by the criminal injustice system, and with political prisoners everywhere. Continue reading

Video: Prisoner solidarity from Pelican Bay, California, to New York