Milk Not Jails is now open for business!

Milk Not Jails is a new brand of dairy products made by New York dairy farmers who are committed to preserving agriculture in rural New York and to dismantling our state’s dysfunctional prison system.  Milk Not Jails partners with dairy farmers in New York who sign on to our policy agenda.  In exchange for their strategic political support, we market, sell, and distribute their products to urban consumers through our non-profit marketing and distribution company.

Buy your milk, half & half, yogurt, butter and more from Milk Not Jails.  See below for more information about our farmers, where to purchase the Milk Not Jails brand, and our products and prices.

Our Farms

Because rural sustainable development and job creation are our priorities, we work with small, non-industrialized farms that are committed to environmental preservation.

Our farms don’t pump their fields full of chemical pesticides. They don’t keep cows in cages all day, feed them genetically modified corn and soy, or inject them with artificial hormones rGBH or rBST.  They don’t prioritize profits over their cows’ or consumers’ health.  They don’t milk cows when they have udder infections or other ailments.

Our farms do preserve local farm jobs in their community.  They do graze their cows on pasture and let them roam the field every day.  They do feed their cows grass and supplement with hay, alfalfa, oats, and other healthy grains.  They do care about their cows and consumers’ health over profits.  When cows are sick they take them out of the milking rotation, guaranteeing that you have fresh, clean food. They do call their cows by their names.

Where to Shop

While our farmers are making a commitment to politically engage with Milk Not Jails, we are working hard to find dedicated consumers who want criminal justice change and can demonstrate they have the purchasing power to do it.  Each time you purchase a Milk Not Jails product, you communicate to farmers and the general public that you want milk not jails.

We look to build long-term relationships with consumers with a subscription-based purchasing model.  Don’t just buy Milk Not Jails products one time.  Make a commitment to buy them every week or month.  We work with a variety of different consumers, from individuals to neighborhood institutions.

You can buy milk, half & half, yogurt and butter as Milk Not Jails subscriptions.  Soon we will also have cheese, ice cream and more!

You can help us find customers interested in weekly or monthly purchases by thinking about  the social networks in your own life.  Please connect us to the following types of organizations in your area:

CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture): Are you a member of a CSA? Ask your group to sign-up for the Milk Not Jails dairy share.  See more information about our Dairy Share Program and prices below.

Workplaces: Organize a buying club with your co-workers and we’ll deliver to your office.

Daycares: Ask your local daycare to purchase their weekly milk orders from us and to organize parents to join a buying club with them.

Cafés:  Our political line of dairy products goes great with fair trade coffee.  Ask your favorite coffee shop to start buying their milk from us.

Supportive Housing Institutions: Senior housing, drug rehabilitative programs, and other social services often serve regular group meals.  Do you know someone who lives or works in supportive housing? Connect them to Milk Not Jails.

Download our CSA Dairy Share Price List

Download CSA Dairy Share Frequently Asked Questions

Download our company brochure

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