Celebrate Intl Women’s Day and Protest Wells Fargo

Come to celebrate with us the International Women’s Day!!

What: International Women’s Day Celebration

When: March 8th

4:30pm Movie “The Help”

6:45pm Vigil “Keep our families together”

Where: Movie: 91N Franklin St. Suite 207, Hempstead, NY

Vigil: Wells Fargo Bank,145 Fulton Avenue Hempstead.

To commemorate those who gave their lives in the struggle for the recognition of our rigths, will be presenting the film “The Help”. At the end we will have comments from the members of the House Cleaners Unity Cooperative.

Then we will have a vigil outside the Wells Fargo bank asking for an end to the separation of our families.

Why Wells Fargo:
– Wells Fargo is one of the largest investors in detention centers, imprisoning thousands of immigrant workers to be deported
– For-profit prisons receive an average of $122 a day per person in detention. The average number of people in detention is over 30,000, at a cost to taxpayers of over $3.6 million daily.
– Anti-immigrant policies are breaking up and destroying our families

Come to celebrate with us and support our struggle!!

Contact: Lilliam Juarez (516)565-5377 | lilliam@workplaceprojectny.org

Monica Diaz (516) 565-5377 | monica@workplaceprojectny.org

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