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ENLACE-POSTER_outline_campaign11x85The Prison Industry Divestment Campaign began in 2008 to address the root causes of harm to communities of color caused by the Criminal and Immigration System.

Our demands include: Abolish Prisons, Free All Immigrants in Detention, End Deportations & Raids, Demilitarize the Border, and Legalization for All.

The campaign targets the State and Corporations as root causes of criminalization, incarceration, and violence against our communities. We have waged successful campaigns against Politicians, Wall St, Banks, and Prison Industry Corporations.

Our research has followed how the State and Corporations have expanded prisons to our homes through electronic shackles and other forms of prisons, and the connections between Police, ICE, and Border Patrol.

The Campaign has since become a national movement bringing together Black, Brown, and LGBTQ communities to divest from criminalization and incarceration, and demand reparations and investment in our communities!

Enlace works to create a world where safety means investment in people & planet and to end the punishment-based criminal and immigration systems. For additional information visit Enlace’s webpage

Campaign to Abolish Prisons and End Deportations!


The Prison Industry Divestment Movement is part of a larger movement called #FreedomCities that is building multiracial power at the local level by redefining what Safety and Freedom mean for our communities.


Rejected by local community, ICE is maneuvering to keep notorious T. Don Hutto detention center open

Via Grassroots Leadership

AUSTIN, TX — Today, immigration advocates reacted to news that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has issued a Request for Information (RFI) for a 500-bed detention facility.  The RFI appears to be an attempt to keep open the embattled for-profit T. Don Hutto detention center in Taylor, Texas.

“We are outraged, but not surprised. ICE grows more shameless every day and is as beholden to their private prison partners as ever,” said Bethany Carson, immigration researcher and organizer at Grassroots Leadership. “The community has made it crystal clear: ICE is not welcome. This place is so bad that Williamson County Commissioners ended the contract so they wouldn’t be liable for its litany of abuses. So we’ll keep fighting to see this place close for good.”

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AFT Exposes Billions Invested In Private Prisons Through Hedge Funds Held By Public Pensions


Investment risks report coverSince 2013, the American Federation of Teachers has periodically released “Ranking Asset Managers” reports. These reports have provided information, for the purpose of transparency and education, for pension fund trustees and managers.

Private Prisons, Immigrant Detention and Investment Risks” is part 1 of two special edition reports that the AFT will be issuing to highlight the investment risks to pension funds and other investors whose portfolios contain exposure to the private prison industry or contractors who provide services to immigration detention centers. Since May 2018, when Attorney General Jeff Sessions conveyed plans to prosecute immigrants crossing trhe U.S. Mexican border, making it official U.S. policy to routinely separate children from their parents, AFT pension trustees and members have been inquiring about public pension funds that may be invested in companies that profit from detention facilities that house separated immigrant families and the risks those investments pose to members’ retirement security.

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U.S. teachers’ union urges pensions to cut investment in private prisons

Via Reuter | Svea Herbst-Bayliss

BOSTON (Reuters) – A labor union representing American teachers on Friday urged pension funds to cut their exposure to investment firms that have funneled millions of dollars into private prisons, saying the companies are getting rich on the U.S. government’s practice of separating migrant families.

The American Federation of Teachers, which influences over $1 trillion in public-teacher pension plans, published a report identifying more than two dozen firms that bet on jail operators CoreCivic Inc and GEO Group Inc and defense contractor General Dynamics Corp, which has contracts with migrant shelters. It sent the report to pensions around the country, warning such investments could be hazardous.

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ICE Is the Sharp Edge of the Trump Administration*’s Policy of Making America White

Via Esquire |Charles P Pierce

US Customs and Border Protection Process

Getty ImagesRobert Nickelsberg

The best bit of journalism I’ve read in a while is in The Atlanticin which Franklin Foer does a Captain Nemo into the recent history and rise of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement service. Foer begins with a now-sadly-customary story about the rousting of some Mauritanian immigrants in Columbus, Ohio. The Mauritanians in question were black citizens who had been brutalized by the Muslim majority government there.

A lithe, haggard man named Thierno told me that his brother had been detained by ICE, awaiting deportation, for several months now. The Mauritanians considered it a terrible portent that the agency had chosen to focus its attention on Thierno’s brother—a businessman and philanthropically minded benefactor of the mosque. If he was vulnerable, then nobody was safe. Eyes watering, Thierno showed me a video on his iPhone of the fate he feared for his brother: a tight shot of a black Mauritanian left behind in the old country. His face was swollen from a beating, and he was begging for mercy. “I’m going to sleep with your wife!” a voice shouts at him, before a hand appears on-screen and slaps him over and over.


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It’s a Great Time to Be a Prison Landlord, Thanks to the IRS

Via Bloomberg | Rob Urban & Kristy Westgard

A demonstrator outside the headquarters of CoreCivic in Nashville on Aug. 6, 2018.

Photographer: Mark Humphrey/AP Photo

Private-prison companies keep winning, and they have U.S. taxpayers to thank.

Not only are Americans footing the bill for detaining thousands of border-crossers, the Internal Revenue Service allows CoreCivic Inc. and GEO Group Inc. to legally avoid paying taxes on their gains.

Those gains are substantial. A dollar placed on CoreCivic the day before President Donald Trump’s 2016 election, with dividends reinvested, would be worth $2.02 today. For GEO, $1.83.

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America’s For-Profit Criminal Justice is Crushing the Poor

Via The Real News Network

A recent push by Senator Bernie Sanders to eliminate cash bail highlights how systemic monetizing of law enforcement continues to enrich cops, courts, and prosecutors

Human Rights Groups Release Report on Conditions of the Atlanta City Detention Center

Atlanta, Georgia– Project South and Georgia Detention Watch today issued a report on the conditions at the Atlanta City Detention Center pertaining to detainment of immigrants, detailing grave human rights violations. The 105-page report titled “Inside Atlanta’s Immigrant Cages” is based on a year-long documentation project which included interviewing 38 detained immigrants as well as several immigration attorneys, touring the facility, and inspecting hundreds of pages of documents obtained from the city.

The report can be found here: /wp-content/uploads/2018/08/ InsideATL_Imm_Cages_92_DIG.pdf

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