Campaign Updates

ENLACE-POSTER_outline_campaign11x85The Prison Divestment Campaign began in 2011 from the need to launch a comprehensive strategy to decriminalize immigrants and people of color, end detention, end mass incarceration, and demilitarize the border. It was not only Politicians that we needed to target, but also the For-Profit Prison Industry and Wall Street who were the other powerful force behind mass incarceration, the police state, immigrant detention, and deportation. The Campaign has since become a national movement bringing together Black, Brown, and LGBTQ communities to end mass incarceration and immigration enforcement. The movement is working to divest from criminalization and incarceration, and demand reparations and reinvestment in our communities!

Enlace builds alliances among organizations working on immigrant rights, criminal justice, another social justice groups to end mass incarceration and achieve legalization for all immigrants. For additional information visit Enlace’s webpage

Campaign to End Mass Incarceration, Deportations & Detention


The Prison Divestment Movement is part of a larger movement called #FreedomCities that is redefining what Safety and Freedom mean for our communities.


#DefundHate Petition Delivery

Join DWN, MoveOn, CREDO, AFSC and the #DefundHate coalition tomorrow at 9am in D.C. as we deliver over 115,000 petitions to Congress demanding cuts to funding for ICE and CBP.

Register here for tomorrow’s petition delivery!

When: Tuesday, March, 13 at 9am
Where: Capitol (First St SE and East Capitol St NE, in front of the visitor center)
What: Overview of the purpose of delivery and roles, take a photo, then head to the deliveries!

For months, groups across the country have been meeting with their representatives and senators, reminding them that if they are truly supporters of immigrants, they should be opposing funding for these dangerous and harmful agencies.

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Florida: $4 million legislative giveaway, mostly to GEO Group

Tampa Bay Times | Steve Bousquet

In a rare Sunday overtime session, the Florida Legislature passed a budget of nearly $89 billion for next year to end a session that was overshadowed by the mass shootings in Parkland.

Lawmakers needed extra time to finish a budget after the mass shooting in Parkland forced them to quickly craft a response that included a three-day waiting period, a minimum age of 21 to buy a gun in Florida, and $400 million for mental health and school safety and a program that allows school personnel to carry concealed weapons.

The National Rifle Association has challenged the law in federal court.

“We had an incredible session, but probably the most important thing we did this year is we listened to the families of Parkland,”  said Gov. Rick Scott, who joined legislative leaders at an end-of-session ceremony. 

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How the Supreme Court is Expanding the Immigrant Detention System

lead_960.jpgThe Atlantic | Garrett Epps

A quarter-century ago, in 1994, the Immigration and Naturalization Service, on any given day, was holding somewhere around 5,500 immigrants in “immigration detention.”

For fiscal year 2017, Immigration and Customs Enforcement budget documents projected an average daily population in detention of roughly 31,000. That increase—nearly six-fold in 25 years—made the Enforcement and Removal Operations division of ICE roughly the 13th largest prison system in the country. On its busiest days in FY 2017, ICE housed a population well above that.

During FY 2018, ICE reports that its average daily population has been 40,726. Before the year began, ICE budget documents had projected a detention population of 51,379. That staggering expansion—65 percent in a single year—would have vaulted ERO to a spot somewhere around No. 7. Its population would rank in size behind only the federal prison system and those of California, Florida, Georgia, New York, and Texas.

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Senate calls on Syracuse University to promise divestment from for-profit prisons

Daily Orange | By Sara Swann

Members of the University Senate passed a resolution on Wednesday calling for Syracuse University officials to publicly commit to not investing in for-profit prisons.

Jackie Orr, an associate professor of sociology, and Janice Dowell, graduate director and professor of philosophy, gave a presentation to senators on for-profit prison divestment and why it would be significant for SU to make a public statement.

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ICE Targets Undocumented Immigrants Who Share Their Story in the Media

Immigration agents claimed they pursued activist Maru Mora-Villalpando when they found her name and story in a local newspaper, labeling her an “anti-ICE” activist. Click here to see documents.

Seattle, WA – The Seattle Field office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) released documents stating that immigrant rights organizer Maru Mora-Villalpando came to their attention after she “stated that she is ‘undocumented’ in a local web-based publication.” The document, a Form I-213, also notes that Mora-Villalpando “has extensive involvement in anti-ICE protests and Latino advocacy programs” and that she has become a well-known “public figure.”

Mora-Villalpando and supporters have requested information from ICE via Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to find out how widespread the practice is and whether ICE is looking for other immigrant rights spokespeople.

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UC’s OSA chapter looks to divest in criminalization and invest in rehabilitation

Via The News Record | Patrick Murphy

The Ohio Student Association’s (OSA) University of Cincinnati chapter hit the ground running Tuesday to explore more effective means to solve Ohio’s overcrowded prison system.

Today, the United States holds 22 percent of the world’s prison population despite holding just 4.4 percent of the world’s population. Ohio houses the fifth-largest prison population in the U.S., with prisons at over 130 percent of capacity costing 1.8 billion per year to operate.

This mass incarceration trend occurred through the Reagan administration’s “Tough on Crime” and “War on Drugs” initiatives in response to increased rates of burglary, grand theft auto and homicides in the early ’80s.

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New Report Exposes ICE’s Mismanagement, Disregard for Government Oversight of Immigration Detention System

Washington, DC — A new report, ICE Lies: Public Deception, Private Profit, released today by Detention Watch Network and the National Immigrant Justice Center, exposes Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) egregious patterns of fiscal irresponsibility, opacity in management, and disregard for congressional oversight in its detention system. Such irresponsible governance results in system-wide abuses and even deaths. The report comes a day after the Trump administration released its budget proposal for fiscal year 2019 requesting $2.8 billion to detain 52,000 immigrants each day.

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