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E-carceration is the use of technology to deprive people of their liberty.

E-carceration is short for “electronic incarceration.” E-carceration is when authorities, like police or immigration agents, use surveillance technology to monitor people. Most people know this as “house arrest”— when an ankle shackle is put on a person that tracks their location and prevents them from leaving their home.

While this includes devices used to monitor individuals (like ankle monitors) it also includes technology that gathers information about communities.

These technologies make it easier for authorities to control more people, and expose more communities to the criminal justice system. While they might seem like they address our mass incarceration problem, they can actually make it worse in the long run.

Abolishing the criminal and immigration systems that surveil, harass, and criminalize communities is the first step in creating a society that prioritizes people over systems.

Stay tuned for more information about how you can join the fight to E-carceration.

Freedom Campus Flyer

Freedom to Thrive is excited to invite you to participate in our Freedom Campus 2019 Convening. Freedom Campus is a 2-day training for students, youth, and the broader community from across Turtle Island to come together to develop abolitionist strategies, tear down the walls between students and nonstudents, and hold ivory-tower institutions accountable for their role in helping to fund jails, prisons, and detention centers. We are excited to share this invitation with the Freedom to Thrive extended family.

We have limited space, so please apply as soon as possible! The last day to apply is September 30th, and participants will be notified about whether there is space for them to participate by early October. Link to the application here.

Sign the petition today to demand the New York State Teachers Retirement System divest from the prison industry!

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