Nov17th: State of Emergency for the 99% #Occupy Portland

National Day of Action

Please join SEIU, We are Oregon, Jobs with Justice, Enlace, and many others for a national day of action on Thursday, November 17th to stand up and  demand good job creation, no cuts from our do-nothing congress!

Where: Steel Bridge, east end
When: Thursday, November 17, 8:00 AM

We will be meeting on the east end of the Steel Bridge on NE Multnomah and N Interstate.  The Steel Bridge is one of the hundreds of bridges around the country that are in need of repair.  The Bridge is a symbol that there are thousands of people in our city who are ready to work, and there is plenty of money to do these jobs–but the people who have captured our economy and our political system, the 1%, refuse to do their part.  We are coming together to demand the 1% pay their fair share so we can put people back to work and protect our communities.  We need good jobs now. Thousands of people across the country will be taking action on the 17th to demand good jobs and a real voice for the 99% in our economy. For more info contact We Are Oregon 503-674-2207 & WEAREOREGON.ORG

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