PCASC members in Oregon visit Wells Fargo offices in Oregon

Monday, March 19th was Wells Fargo’s 160th birthday!


To celebrate their proud history of economic exploitation and their bold new strategy of investing in private, for-profit prisons and immigrant detention centers,  PCASC  joined forces with our friends at We Are Oregon to deliver a special birthday message.

Photo by Jerry Atkin

We put together a boisterous cadre of clowns and prisoners, and invited ourselves to Wells Fargo’s birthday celebration at the Wells Fargo museum, housed in their massive tower in downtown Portland. Their small birthday celebration of cake and balloons was nicely complemented by our clowning, confetti, bubble-blowing, noise-making, and a spirited speech about their history of empire-building and their current investments in racial profiling and criminalizing communities of color. Our departing birthday wish was that Wells Fargo divest from the private prison industry. After leaving the Wells Fargo museum, we visited two other Wells Fargo branches and brought the same revelry there, making a scene and passing out information to passers-by. A festive time was had by all.


A Tale of Two Protests: Shut Down the Corporations in Portland and Tucson

A Tale of Two Protests: Shut Down the Corporations in Portland and Tucson

by Alissa Bohling and Mike Ludwig | Truthout | March 1, 2012

Protesters in Portland, Oregon, and Tucson, Arizona, faced very different weather when they hit the streets yesterday, but they had one thing in common: they were among 70 cities nationwide where Occupy activists and others spoke out against members of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), whose decades-long history of authoring and pushing pro-corporate legislation through the nation’s statehouses has been criticized for strangling political and economic participation across the country.

“ALEC, a registered nonprofit with a board of trustees that reads like a Fortune 500 list, allows 1%ers to push legislation representing corporate interests,” said Dana Balicki of Occupy Wall Street in a statement released before the protests. “This is legislation laundering.”

The national day of protest, known as Shut Down the Corporations or F29, was originally called by Occupy Portland. Continue reading

1,000 People Marched through Portland in an Occupy Portland protest against ALEC and Wells Fargo

Occupy Portland: About 1,000 march in downtown, shut down several businesses; seven arrested

By Anne Saker | March 1, 2012 | The Oregonian

About 1,000 people marched Wednesday through downtown in an Occupy Portland demonstration against corporate influence in politics, setting off bits of street theater in opposition to the American Legislative Exchange Council.

The march was peaceful with only a brief confrontation with mounted police officers and riot-geared state troopers outside the Wells Fargo branch in the Wells Fargo CenterContinue reading

7 arrests in Occupy Portland F29 protest

7 arrests in Occupy Portland F29 protest

by kgw.com Staff | February 28, 2012 |

PORTLAND – Occupy Portland protesters marched from Waterfront Park through downtown Wednesday in driving rain under a sea of yellow umbrellas for a day of demonstrations called “F29.”

The goal, said organizers, was to disrupt targeted businesses with a march and civil disobedience.

It began with a couple hundred people gathering at Waterfront Park at 11:30 a.m., under the west side of the Burnside Bridge. Then, at 1 p.m., they began marching, winding through several downtown streets, including Broadway and Salmon. The marchers were, at times, disrupting traffic. Continue reading

#F29 Shut Down Corporations: Wells Fargo Dump the Prison Stock

#F29 – A National Day of Action called to Shut Down the Corporations & PCASC will be there, demanding Wells Fargo divest their prison stock!

Join us in the Streets!

WHEN: Wednesday, Feb 29th at 12:30pm
WHERE: SW Ankeny & Natio Parkway on the waterfront side of the street. You’ll see PCASC’s banners and props!
What: Tomorrow is #F29 – a national day of action called to Shut Down the Corporations & PCASC will be there, demanding Wells Fargo divest their prison stock!

March with us & help spread the word about the dark side of Wells Fargo’s investments!
We will not allow the detention of immigrants to be a profit source for Wells Fargo!
This is the first public action since PCASC decided to take on the Wells Fargo Prison Divestment campaign and we’re really excited that it’s a part of #F29!

Rally begins at 11:30am, we march at 1pm. 

MLK Day Action Against Wells Fargo

by Eliana Machuca | Portland Occupier

On Martin Luther King Day, those arrested on the November 17th National Day of Action against the banks participated in a rally and march, raising awareness of the fact that Wells Fargo profits off of tax payers through bailout funds as well as through its investments in the private prison industry. Members of the Portland Central America Solidarity Committee (PCASC) also staged an action against the racist investments of Wells Fargo.

One block from the Wells Fargo at 900 SW 5th Ave, activists dropped a banner calling on Wells Fargo to “dump [their] prison stock.”

The activists’ concerns:

  • Wells Fargo must divest from the prison industry.
  • The private prison industry – which creates financial incentives for putting people in jail – must be dismantled.
  • Politicians must refuse money from prison lobbyists.

Wells Fargo received billions in bailout funds from the government to aid people struggling with their mortgages and loans. In Oregon, over 26,000 families face foreclosure. Meanwhile, 2011 was a record year for profits for Wells Fargo, earning over $4 billion in the 4th quarter alone. This money is not helping those that need it most. Continue reading

Wells Fargo: Profiting from private prisons in Portland

Wells Fargo: Profiting from private prisons in Portland

By Anthony S Jennings | SEIU Blog | January 25, 2012

Today a coalition of Portland area activists demanded Wells Fargo put an end to profiting from the private prison industry. The protesters also called for Wells Fargo to abandon its role in the nation’s rapidly expanding for-profit immigrant detention system.

Community activists joined with We Are Oregon and the Portland Central American Solidarity Committee to draw attention to Wells Fargo’s support for legislation that criminalizes the immigrant communities in order to fill jail cells and make money.

Today’s action, one of several nationwide targeting Wells Fargo and other corporate tax dodgers, coincides with the GAIM USA conference, the largest annual gathering of hedge fund managers. Last week, Occupy Wall Street activists shut down Wells Fargo’s corporate headquarters in San Francisco.

Update: Photos from today’s national day of action on Flickr.