2nd Binational Conference on Border Issues

2nd Binational Conference on Border Issues
San Diego City College
December 1, 2011 from 9 am – 3 pm, Room D 121A

The U.S./Mexico border has become increasingly important and relevant to communities living and interacting with one another on both sides of this international boundary. Impacts and perceptions of the border region are the subject of many contemporary research projects, advocacy and activism.  Presentations in this conference will explore the impact of the border on populations living both in the U.S. and Mexico. They will also discuss how border communities perceive and respond to these impacts from various perspectives through current research, activism, advocacy and life experience.

Politics of Violence: Militarization, Incarceration and Globalization
in the U.S.-Mexico Border Area
Keynote Speaker: Anabel Hernandez, Mexico City
Author of Los Señores del Narco (The Drug Lords)

Conference panels

  • The Drug War and Politics of Violence
  • Beyond Violence: Art and Culture in Tijuana and la Frontera
  • The Daily and Quiet Resistance to Exploitation in the Maquiladoras
  • Exposing the Dense Border: Research and Action
  • Occupy San Diego and Tijuana
  • Understanding and Supporting Central American Immigration
  • Border Culture and Action from Chicana and Indigenous Perspectives
  • Exploring the Damage: Lives and Families of the Deported
  • Alternatives to Violence: Fair Trade and Drug Legalization
  • Penetrating the Immigration Detention Complex

Contact and additional information:
E-mail: binationalconference@gmail.com
Blog: http://www.conferenciaborder.blogspot.com

Conference sponsors:
City College president Terry Burges
American Federation of Teachers, Local 1931
City College World Cultures Program

Conference organized by Chicana/o Studies Departments at San Diego City College and Mesa College and Baja California Chapter of the International Council on Monuments and Sites

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