Occupy Australia targets For Profit Immigration Detention Camps

Via Herald Sun

Occupy protests target Serco: A SERIES of protests have been held across Sydney, Melbourne and Perth against multi-national British services company Serco, which runs Australia’s immigration detention and other public facilities.

The demonstrations, which will include a protest in London later tonight (AEST), were held by the Occupy movement, which is concerned about the rise in privatisation of public services, and a lack of transparency and accountability.

Three separate protests were held in Sydney today, including one outside Immigration Minister Chris Bowen’s office in Fairfield, Villawood Detention Centre, and the Sydney Ferry office in Circular Quay. Continue reading


Rochester Protests Wells Fargo’s investment in Prison Industrial Complex

Click here for another Wells Fargo Dump the Prison Stock Video

Occupy the CA Capitol

Monday, March 5th: Occupy the Capitol!

Thousands of students, parents, teachers, and workers will flood into Sacramento on Monday, March 5th.  How long we stay will be up to you.

Join us to demand that Wall St. and the 1% pay to refund education, jobs, essential services, and a better future!

10 am – Mass March * Location TBA

11 am – Rally at the Capitol Building

12:30 pm – Lunch at the Capitol Building

3:30 pm – General Assembly and Nonviolent Direct Action Training to Occupy the Capitol! Continue reading

Occupy movement challenges prison-industrial complex

Occupy movement challenges prison-industrial complex

By Betsey Piette | Workers World | March 4, 2012

Demonstrators chanted, “Tear down Jailhouses! Build up School Houses!” outside Heery International Inc.’s Philadelphia office as part of a national call from Occupy Oakland to Occupy for Prisoners on Feb. 20.

Heery, which profits from private prison construction, was paid $316 million in October to build a Graterford Prison extension to house 4,100 more inmates and a new death row facility.Organized by DecarceratePA and endorsed by Occupy Philadelphia, the protest targeted the disparity between increased funding for prison construction while Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett slashes funding for education and is pushing for more cuts. Continue reading

A Tale of Two Protests: Shut Down the Corporations in Portland and Tucson

A Tale of Two Protests: Shut Down the Corporations in Portland and Tucson

by Alissa Bohling and Mike Ludwig | Truthout | March 1, 2012

Protesters in Portland, Oregon, and Tucson, Arizona, faced very different weather when they hit the streets yesterday, but they had one thing in common: they were among 70 cities nationwide where Occupy activists and others spoke out against members of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), whose decades-long history of authoring and pushing pro-corporate legislation through the nation’s statehouses has been criticized for strangling political and economic participation across the country.

“ALEC, a registered nonprofit with a board of trustees that reads like a Fortune 500 list, allows 1%ers to push legislation representing corporate interests,” said Dana Balicki of Occupy Wall Street in a statement released before the protests. “This is legislation laundering.”

The national day of protest, known as Shut Down the Corporations or F29, was originally called by Occupy Portland. Continue reading

Occupy Corvallis takes aim at Wells Fargo and ALEC

Protesters take aim at big banks

By Bennett Hall | Corvallis Gazette-Times | March 1, 2012

A small band of protesters took to the streets of Corvallis Wednesday, banging drums, chanting anti-corporate slogans and holding a mock trial in front of a downtown bank.

About two dozen people, including members of Occupy Corvallis, Occupy OSU and the local Move to Amend chapter, gathered at Central Park before setting off about noon for an hourlong march through downtown.

Walking through a cold, sloppy mix of rain and snow, the protesters kept up a stream of slogans such as “Banks got bailed out, we got sold out.”

The group paused in front of the Bank of America and U.S. Bank branches to hand out fliers and chant “This is what a greedy bank looks like,” but the day’s main target was Wells Fargo. Continue reading

Denver protest targets Prison Profiteering Corporations & ALEC

Protesters gather outside 1700 Broadway after marching through the lobby, escorted by police and security guards.Denver protest targets Wells Fargo, ALEC

By Heather Draper | Denver Business Journal | February 29, 2012

A group of about 30 protesters marched through the lobby of the 1700 Broadway building in downtown Denver Wednesday afternoon, banging handmade drums and protesting Wells Fargo & Co. and the bank’s involvement with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

The protesters said they were members of the Occupy movement, as well as MoveOn.org and other progressive organizations.

They were quickly escorted out of the building by police and security guards, but held a quick rally near doors on the Lincoln Street side of the building. Continue reading