Protest: Say NO to a new for-profit immigration prison in South #Florida!

picture by FLIC

Protest: Say NO to a new for-profit immigration prison in South Florida!

Saturday, November 5 from 10:00am – 1:00pm
Southwest Regional Library / 1st Floor Conference Room (16835 Sheridan Street)
This Saturday, ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and CCA (Corrections Corporation of America) will meet with residents to talk about the proposed building of new MASSIVE immigration detention center in the town of Southwest Ranches (SWR). This new immigration prison (yes, that’s what it is) could be one of the largest in the country!

Since ICE tentatively chose SWR as the location, the opposition among residents has been growing including areas like Pembroke Pines and Weston, who will be directly affected by this development. After getting no response from their elected officials, who claimed to be “under a cone of silence” and denied their constituents the right to know, now the residents are being granted a meeting with ICE to discuss their plans with the community.

THIS is OUR TURN to express our opposition!

A new detention center, with capacity for up to 2,000 beds, will only increase unfair detentions and separation of families. South Florida already has 1,200 beds for immigrant detention and we already lead the country in detention of immigrants who haven’t committed any crime. Why does ICE want to increase detention capacity in our area?

Everyone knows that building more immigration prisons has nothing to do with protecting our country or saving jobs for America. Instead, it only feeds the business of detention and guarantees billionaire profits for companies like CCA, which is the largest in the country and ICE’s biggest contractor.

Visit CCA Go Away or Florida Immigrant Coalition for more information

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