#Oakland Undocumented Youth Call to Occupy Well’s Fargo (Detention Center)

Undocumented Youth Call to Occupy Well’s Fargo (Detention Center)

Saturday November 5th from 10am- 3pm

Rally at Occupy Oakland and March to Wells Fargo Detention Center

The most marginalized people within the 99% are fed up and we are calling for an occupation of Well’s Fargo Detention Center in Downtown Oakland just a few yards away from the Occupy Oakland Camp.

Well’s Fargo Detention Center (AKA Bank) has been making Millions of dollars investing in Immigrant Detention Centers (AKA Concentration Camps) and at the same time they invest aggressively in anti-immigrant lobbying to pass laws like Arizona’s SB 1070 which fill those camps with undocumented profit.

67 Sueños is a collective of undocumented youth and allies that refused to be passive about the violence done to our community.

We call on the 99% to stand with your most marginalized brothers, sisters and gender neutrals.

We call on the Bay Area immigrants rights movement to support our efforts to target the main profiteers of our people’s pain.

We call on Occupy Oakland to make this big bank a stones throw away one of your key targets in solidarity with our struggle.

E-mail 67suenos@gmail for info and to be involved.

The People United, Will never be Defeated!

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