Occupy the CA Capitol

Monday, March 5th: Occupy the Capitol!

Thousands of students, parents, teachers, and workers will flood into Sacramento on Monday, March 5th.  How long we stay will be up to you.

Join us to demand that Wall St. and the 1% pay to refund education, jobs, essential services, and a better future!

10 am – Mass March * Location TBA

11 am – Rally at the Capitol Building

12:30 pm – Lunch at the Capitol Building

3:30 pm – General Assembly and Nonviolent Direct Action Training to Occupy the Capitol!

For a seat on the bus, more information, or just to let us know you’ll be there, visit:



Call 510.549.3863 or email uaw2865@uaw2865.org with questions about scheduling buses.

Occupy Education CA is a network of students, teachers, labor and community organizers who are inspired by uprisings in the Arab world, the battle for union rights in Wisconsin and Occupy Wall Street.

We are asking Californians to join us March 5th when we Occupy the Capitol.

Governor Jerry Brown wrote devastating cuts to social services and welfare into his 2012-13 budget proposal. And he is threatening even more budget cuts to public education — $4.8 billion from K-12 schools and $400 million from universities. Brown says these cuts will be “triggered” if California voters reject his November ballot box initiative on increasing the sales tax 0.5%.

Students, teachers and workers from across California will converge March 5 in Sacramento for the annual “March in March” for public education. This year we feel the need to do more than just lobby our politicians. We plan to exercise our right to free speech and assembly as directly as possible to demand another state budget.

Instead of raising taxes on the 99%, we think government should tax the wealthiest 1%.

We demand an end to budget cuts to public education and social services and make the 1% pay to refund education, jobs essential services and a better future.

We support the California Federation of Teachers’ proposal for a Millionaire’s Tax.

After decades of austerity and increasing inequality, 2011 was the year when the 99% began to fight back the world over.

We saw how the actions of ordinary people in Wisconsin, Egpyt and New York City inspired millions more to find their voice and begin to speak out for social justice and economic equality.

Help us celebrate the beginning of Spring 2012 by making a statement in Sacramento.

Join us on March 5th as we Occupy the Capitol.

List of Endorsers:

AFT Local 1078 (Berkeley Federation of Teachers)
AFT Local 1481 (Jefferson Union High School)
AFT Local 1493 (San Mateo Community College Teachers)
AFT Local 61 (San Francisco Federation of Teachers)
AFT Local 1603 (Peralta Federation of Teachers)
AFT Local 2121 (City College of San Francisco)
Alameda Labor Council Executive Board
Berkeley Faculty Association
California Faculty Association (Cal State Easty Bay)
California Faculty Association (San Francisco State University)
California Federation of Teachers
California Teacher’s Association
Council of UC Faculty Associations
International Socialist Organization
Labor for Peace and Justice
La Raza Centro Legal
Oakland Education Association
NYC All City Student Assembly
Occupy Bernal
Occupy Cal
Occupy City College
Occupy Education Northern California
Occupy the Hood Oakland
Occupy Oakland
Occupy Palo Alto
Occupy Redwood City
Occupy SF
Occupy SFSU
Occupy Stanford
Old Lesbians Organizing for Change SF Bay Area Chapter
Sacramento Democratic Socialists of America
Sacramento Progressive Alliance
San Francisco Labor Council Executive Committee
San Francisco Occupy Solidarity Network
San Lorenzo Education Association
SEIU Local 1021
Socialist Organizer
Solidarity (East Bay chapter)
Students for a Democratic Society
UAW Local 2865 (Graduate Student Employees of University of California)
UC Santa Cruz General Assembly
UPTE (University Professional and Technical Employees) CWA 9119

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