Gun Free Funds

Via As You Sow

If you own mutual funds — either directly or through your 401(k) or retirement plan — you might be surprised. A lot of popular mutual funds include companies that make and sell assault rifles and other guns.


Find out, with Gun Free FundsAs You Sow’s newest Invest Your Values scorecard.
If you want to move your money out of companies that make, sell, and profit from assault rifles and other guns, Gun Free Funds can help.

People across America are investing their savings in firearm manufacturers and retailers that rake in billions in handgun, assault rifle, and ammunition sales. Most don’t even know it.

But you don’t need to profit from violence. Gun Free Funds shows any gun investments hidden inside the mutual funds you own. The gun-free action toolkit answers questions like how to work with your employer to provide gun free 401(k) options.

Here’s some info to get you started:

  • Vanguard funds have $593 million invested in gun manufacturers, including assault rifles
  • Fidelity has $562 million
  • iShares from Blackrock has $481 million
  • State Street has $92 million
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If you’re one of the millions of Americans who have a 401(k) plan, there’s a good chance you’re profiting from the sales of guns and ammo.

If you’re invested in a mutual fund or a workplace retirement account, use Gun Free Funds to easily find out if you own companies that make handguns, assault rifles, and ammunition — and to find funds that don’t profit from mass shootings.

It’s your choice. You can take control and make sure you’re not invested in “blood money.”

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