Webinar Invitation: Land, Abolition, and Just Transition

Freedom to Thrive invites you to attend the final webinar in our series on transformative visioning towards abolition. We have discussed abolitionist futures, liberated ways to address harm, and building abolitionist economies.

In this final webinar, we look at how reclamation and stewardship of land must be central to our strategies towards abolition and Just Transition. Join us Tuesday, May 28th at 11am-12:30 PST/ 2pm-3:30 EST.

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As we work to dismantle criminalization, we name that white supremacy in the US has been built on a legacy of genocide and slavery. We will learn from how Black and Indigenous organizers work with land towards reclaiming labor, healing from the injustices of capitalism, and creating new definitions of safety and abundance.

This webinar conversation will feature movement leaders: 

  • Ed Whitfield, Fund for Democratic Communities
  • Corinna Gould, Sogorea Te Land Trust
  • Deirdre Smith, Black Land and Liberation Initiative

The Sogorea Te Land Trust is an urban Indigenous women-led community organization that facilitates the return of Chochenyo and Karkin Ohlone lands in the San Francisco Bay Area to Indigenous stewardship.

The Black Land and Liberation Initiative is a vision, strategy and training program grounded in Black liberation and anchored by Black leadership. BLLI asserts the fundamental right to the resources required to create our own productive, dignified and sustainable livelihoods through our own free labor and self-governance. Key among those resources is land. 

Art by Lexx Valdez, based on our last Transformative Visioning webinar on Building New Economies

We welcome your optional financial gifts which go towards an honorarium for our speakers. We welcome everyone and donation is not required to register! 

We look forward to your participation Tuesday, May 28th at 11am-12:30 PST/ 2pm-3:30 EST. Once you share your contact information, you will receive the log in information for the webinar. We encourage you to participate via video conferencing, and to bring a notebook. 

This series is brought to you by: Freedom Cities, Freedom to Thrive, Movement Generation, New Economy Coalition, Climate Justice Alliance, Black Alliance for Just Immigration & Reinvest in Our Power, Ella Baker Center, Million Hoodies, PolicyLink, and the Center for Community Change.

Register Here!

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