Webinar: Building New Economies

As our people demand divestment from policing and prisons, we also call for a re-investment in life and community wellness. How are directly impacted folks taking our labor out of the prison industrial complex and other extractive industries, ALL WHILE creating mechanisms to reclaim and self-govern wealth that was stolen from us? Where are we seeing the seeds of liberated zones – economic and geographic – sprouting up?

We’ll hear from two formations that are building up worker-owned cooperatives and community-controlled loan funds, creating economic power and wielding it as political power to change the capitalist rules that are set up against Life. As we dismantle the profiteering inherent in criminalization, let’s learn from those who have created  alternative economy building blocks that move us towards true safety and healing.

This webinar conversation will feature movement leaders: 

  • Najari Smith, Rich City Rides & Cooperation Richmond 
  • Nia Evans, Boston Ujima Project 
  • Doria Robinson, Urban Tilth

Register Here!

Mia Mingus from Bay Area Transformative Justice Collective on our last Webinar: Liberated Ways to Address Harm and Hurting 

We welcome your optional financial gifts which goes towards supplementing an honorarium for our current line-up of speakers, and to supporting more speakers to participate in future webinars. We welcome everyone and donation is not required to register! 

We look forward to your participation Tuesday, April 23rd at 11am PST/ 2pm EST. Once you share your contact information, you will receive the log in information for the webinar. We encourage you to participate via video conferencing, and to bring a notebook. 

This series is brought to you by: Freedom Cities, Freedom to Thrive, Movement Generation, New Economy Coalition, Climate Justice Alliance, Black Alliance for Just Immigration & Reinvest in Our Power, Ella Baker Center, Million Hoodies, PolicyLink, and the Center for Community Change.

Register Here!

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