End Immigrant Prisons! Set them FREE!

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BREAKING: Medical neglect has allowed a chickenpox outbreak at a GEO-owned facility in Aurora, Colorado to spread. Many of those detained there were transferred out of West County Detention Facility in Richmond after the contract closure.

As we watch the atrocities Mexico has forced thousands of Honduran and Central American refugees to overcome, we also want to remind folks of the atrocities many in the first caravan are being forced to live in at these immigrant prisons.

Instead of providing medical assistance to ensure the grave dangers of adult chickenpox be avoided, many have been quarantined. This has led to further separation from community, with no access to their immigration attorneys, leading to folks losing immigration court hearings.

This violation of their due process rights is also a in violation of their very humanity. We demand they all be provided medical assistance immediately, and set free to avoid further medical complications!

TAKE ACTION: Rallies will be taking place in Aurora, Colorado and San Francisco, California this Thursday, October 25th! Stay tuned for more details.

To continue supporting affected families, feel free to donate to


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