New DWN Campaign Launch: #CommunitiesNotCages

For years, local communities have been organizing across the country to fight against the expansion of the immigrant detention system. This year, DWN has been working on creating a campaign that will bring together local efforts to stop proposed detention center expansion, shut down existing detention centers, and curtail this administration’s efforts to embed ICE’s functions into other government agencies.
The Communities Not Cages campaign is an effort to highlight these fierce local and regional fights by amplifying their message, providing resources, and encouraging skill sharing among those currently involved in campaigns and those looking to join the fight to dismantle ICE’s infrastructure.
The current administration is looking to expand detention exponentially and it is crucial that we respond with clear and concrete demands that won’t be watered down by those looking to co-opt our message.
Visit our campaign webpage for the following #CommunitiesNotCages resources:
  • Map of immigration detention expansion detailing: the expansion of existing facilities, new facility construction, facilities opened in 2018 and Bureau of Prisons facilities currently being used by ICE to detain people in their custody
  • Campaign art
  • Communications Toolkit that includes: Messaging, factors that affect your media coverage, interviewing 101 and influencing your targets via op-eds and ltes
In the coming weeks, we ask that you please look out for announcements, share content, and come out to any events in your area supporting the important fight these communities are waging. As we all continue the push to #AbolishICE, it is crucial that we work to terminate all functions within ICE that target, criminalize, incarcerate, surveil and deport immigrants. We hope to work within and beyond our network to make these local demands resonate at a national and regional level.
For more information please contact: 

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