Tell the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) to revoke their 100% rating of DAPL and prison profiteer, Wells Fargo!


The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has given Wells Fargo, a Dakota Access Pipeline funder AND private prison profiteer, a 100% A+ rating in the 15th edition of their Corporate Equality Index (CEI), a listing of the top-ranking U.S. businesses that are supposedly LGBTQ-friendly. A closer look at the policies, practices, and investments of many of the top-ranked businesses in the HRC’s CEI reveals that many of these businesses have historically and systematically underpaid LGBTQ workers, profited off of the criminalization of our bodies, and invested in projects that destroy our communities. Their use of LGBTQ pride flags and company-wide “non-discrimination” hiring practices is a mask to their pattern of racial discrimination, fraud, wage theft, and investing in private prisons. HRC and Wells Fargo’s relationship is a clear example of pinkwashing at its finest.


While queer and trans activists of color are fighting to end both the incarceration and immigration detention machines, HRC is giving cover to its main profiteers. While Indigenous, Two-Spirit people, and Native American Tribes are continuing their fight in protecting their water, land, and way of life, equality organizations like the HRC are applauding those who loaned the DAPL project its seed money from the beginning. Wells Fargo is behind some of the biggest threats to quality of life and livelihood of LGBTQ people of color.

We demand that the HRC:

  • Revoke the 100% rating from Wells Fargo on your 15th edition of the Corporate Equality Index, and all other companies that are profiting from private prisons and the Dakota Access Pipeline project.
  • Demand that HRC end their relationship with Wells Fargo until they end their relationship with the private prison industry and the Dakota Access Pipeline project.
  • Tell HRC to demand that Wells Fargo redirect their resources to Black transgender women and transgender women of color who have been victims of the detention and incarceration systems in this country that they are invested in.

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