End Criminalization of All Communities

Northeast Prison Divest Convening
Youth, LGBTQI, Faith, Prison Abolitionist, Immigrants, Unions, and other community members from the Northeast region will gather Saturday Sept 12th from 9:30am- 5:30pm at the Greenpoint Reformed Church (136 Milton St, Brooklyn, NY 11222).  Click here to register and visit the facebook event page.
Northeast Prison Divestment ConferencePrison Divest community activists and organizers will gather to learn the link between prisons, police, and detention; LGBTQI Abolition; Solitary Confinement; the Prison Lobby; and University campaigns. The convening will provide participants with ongoing organizing and research skill development to strengthen campaign strategies and tactics. We will provide political education workshops around the complexity around the public-private partnership thriving in the prison industrial complex, organizing at the intersection of detention and incarceration, and how criminalization is used for social control.
Join us in building a movement to end criminalization of all communities through a mix of campaign targeting state and corporate forces that create and profit from racist laws.

Event hosted by Queer Detainee Empowerment Project, Families for Freedom, Responsible Endowments Coalition, Black Alliance for Just Immigration, and Enlace.

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