Black Lives Matter National Week of Action October 20th-26th

black lives matterEnlace endorses the National Week of Action. We need to continue to build Black and Brown unity to combat state violence, the militarization of communities of color, and mass incarceration.

Participate in a national mobilization against state sanctioned violence! Folks across the country will be developing actions, events, workshops, and community healing spaces for the #BlackLivesMatter National Week of Action.

We have decided to plan this week of action around the October 22nd, national day of solidarity against police brutality and terror.

Black Lives Matter 5 demands ( on State Violence )

1. We will seek justice for Brown’s family by petitioning for the immediate arrest of officer Darren Wilson and the dismissal of county prosecutor Robert McCullough.

2. We will help develop a network of organizations and advocates to form a national policy specifically aimed at redressing the systemic pattern of anti-black law enforcement violence in the US.

3. We will also demand, through the network, that the federal government discontinue its supply of military weaponry and equipment to local law enforcement.

4.We will call on the office of US attorney general Eric Holder to release the names of all officers involved in killing black people within the last five years, both while on patrol and in custody, so they can be brought to justice – if they haven’t already.

5. And we will advocate for a decrease in law-enforcement spending at the local, state and federal levels and a reinvestment of that budgeted money into the black communities most devastated by poverty in order to create jobs, housing and schools. This money should be redirected to those federal departments charged with providing employment, housing and educational services.

Visit the facebook event page for more information. 

Endorsing Organizations:
Dignity and Power Now Los Angeles, Ca
Organization for Black Struggle St. Louis, MO
Millennial Activists United St. Louis, MO
SpiritHouse Inc. Durham, N. Carolina
Million Hoodies Movement for Justice National
Southerners On New Ground, Southern Region
Black Mamas Caucus
Thandisizwe Every-Twentyeighthours Chimurenga ( Author, Los Angeles, Ca)
Project NIA, Chicago
National Domestic Worker’s Alliance
CONCERNED CITIZENS FOR JUSTICE (CCJ): Educating, Agitating, Motivating, and Organizing for Social Justice in Chattanooga, TN
Power U Center for Social Change, Florida
Hearing Youth Voices in New London, CT
Peoples Power Assemblies (PPA) National
Insight Arts Chicago, Ill
Rebel Diaz

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