Our thoughts on SB1070

Enlace staff just returned from Phoenix, Arizona presenting the Private Prison Divestment Campaign at the Unitarian Universalist General Assembly.  At the end of the conference we joined thousands of Unitarians outside of Tent City chanting and raising our voices against the injustices perpetuated in Tent City and private prisons alike. We were inspired then and on Monday morning when we sat anxiously in front of our computers waiting for the Supreme Court decision on SB1070.

Although we are glad that some of the SB1070 provisions did not stand, we are dismayed by the court’s decision to uphold the “Show me your papers” provision of the law. The National Private Prison Campaign and many other national organizations have exposed the role that private prisons had in the making of SB1070 and will continue to fight alongside the people of Arizona.  On Monday, Enlace staff participated in an action in Portland, where Campaign Partner Portland Central America Solidarity Committee (PCASC) delivered letters to 8 Wells Fargo branches throughout Portland, demanding that Wells Fargo withdraw its investments in the private prison industry.

These laws benefit private prisons and we will continue to ask financial institutions, cities, churches, and individuals who have invested directly or indirectly in private prisons to divest.

We support and applaud the people of Arizona who will fight for their community and stand by them as well as the national organizations legally challenging the provision.

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