Take Action on SB1070 ruling

Action Alert from the National Day Laborer Organizing Network on SB1070

We need to take urgent action for Arizona.

The Supreme Court just decided to uphold the part of SB1070 that requires police to profile by investigating people’s status to go into effect. If the bill goes into effect it could only make Arizona’s human rights crisis even worse. But it doesn’t have to. The President can prevent SB1070 from doing further damage immediately.

Please tell President Obama to stop SB1070 by refusing to deport it’s victims.
Click http://bit.ly/potus1070

The Supreme Court decision would give Arizona law enforcement new tools to separate families and violate civil rights, but it can only happen if the federal government agrees to process and deport SB1070’s victims. Unless we act, the terror created by Sheriff Arpaio, who just last week arrested even a 6 year old child, will only be emboldened.

As the people of Phoenix rally against the Court’s decision at the ICE offices and start to meet with their neighbors to prepare for the checkpoints that are sure to go up and the raids that are already coming down. We need the country to step up and rally in their support.
We’re part of a lawsuit to stop 1070 that is still moving forward in the courts. It’s based on the civil rights violations the Department of Justice ignored, but we all know we don’t win in the courts alone. We win when we make our voices heard and come together in unstoppable ways.

The President can stop Arizona’s crisis. Please tell him to do so and share this email with friends so that they can do the same.

Thank you,
Pablo Alvarado, NDLON.


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