Occupy Wall Street Activists in Boca Sunday for GAIM Conference Protest

Occupy Wall Street Activists in Boca Sunday for GAIM Conference Protest

 January 22, 2012 | AP / WPEC-CBS12.com

Boca Raton, Fl — Protestors from Occupy West Palm and Occupy Miami boarded buses this morning and headed to the Boca Raton Resort and Club to protest the GAIM (Global Alternative Investment Management) Conference.

Citing an attendee list of “dozens of corporate criminals”, the activist have a daylong schedule aimed at sending a message to those heading into the conference.

Sunday morning the group marched from Federal Highway and Camino Real to the entrance of the Resort where they held a mock funeral and rally. Those events were followed by “Flotilla Against Corporate Greed” in the Intracoastal behind the Boca Resort.

According to organizers The GAIM conference, “sells itself as one of the most important conferences for the hedge fund industry… representing key decision makers at many of the most influential investment institutions in the world”.  The attendee list of over 500 includes prominent banks and investors involved in funding of private prisons and home foreclosures.

“We plan to give the GAIM investors a friendly Florida welcome,” says Christian Minaya, of the Occupy Palm Beach County group. “We don’t want to get arrested, but when the police protect the corrupt banks while targeting protesters, we are left with few options. Someone needs to stand up to these corporations. Things have to change.”

Read more: http://www.cbs12.com/articles/boca-4738268-wall-head.html#ixzz1kLusGLZA

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