We, the Peoples: ENDGAME and Arpaio

Tupac Enrique Acosta

We, the Peoples: ENDGAME and Arpaio 

The issue is public health and safety, and the responsibilities we share collectively in society to support the enforcement of public health and public safety policies that protect us all.  We are ALL members of the PUBLIC, whether we possess or do not possess status as citizens or nationals within the REPUBLICS of the NAFTA regime (Canada-US-Mexico). The status of citizenship is a separate issue.

The rights of possession of status before the state are distinct from the exercise of responsibilities and Human Rights that are inherent to all Peoples equally anywhere in the world.  The issue of status in terms of citizenship and nationality among the countries currently enjoying international recognition within the UN system and the Organization of American States in North America is relevant in the discussion, formation, and implementation of public health and public safety policy, but it is a separate and distinct issue.  This is common sense.

It is common sense to stop at the red light of a traffic intersection.  It could be said that this is the common law of public policy planetarily when it comes to the design and enforcement of public safety policies regarding vehicular traffic on public roadways anywhere in the world.  It is a global standard of public safety and responsibility.

There is no right without responsibility.  With responsibility, with respect for our common humanity begins the conversation on Human Rights standards in society.

In terms public health, we also need to move with parallel standards.  This is not to invoke the “Open Wound” pathology that the extreme right wing degenerate in discourse when they reference the US-Mexico international border.  In fact it was the trans-national corporations themselves who coined the phrase “Down with borders” in the late 60’s to promote their burgeoning global empires, even though the slogan had been first popularized in the 1968 Paris uprising. After Paris, the meme was then deliberately co-opted by IBM and the like to promote corporate campaigns intended to structure via transnational compacts (i.e. NAFTA) the institutionalization of the global market place to the benefit of the corporate elites of the Wall States.  The Open Borders concept went from popularity to coin, from a motivation for movements of social justice and global solidarity to instrument of the neo-liberal Chicago school of flat-world economic theory.
The fact is that we have always been a global economy. Traditional indigenous cultures from around the world have always maintained that it is only one Earth, one Water, one Atmosphere, and one Sun that nourishes us all, and all economic systems reflect this interdependent reality as the bottom line – which is not a really a line but an equation. The equation does not simply map the linear flat world logic of dialectics, but it is an expression of the multi-dimensional communication systems of the natural world of QUADRALECTICS: not only dialogue but quadralogue.
What are the factors of this equation? The term economy gives us a clue by the root  “ECO” which also serves in defining the term ECOLOGY. ( From the Greek  “oikos” which means house.)  Traditional indigenous cultures from all continents around the world maintain that the entirety of the ecosystem of the planet is our “house” where we strive with love to realize as “home”- a chante – with our cultures for the future generations of all humanity. This is the law.  This is the precept.  The Mandate of the Indigenous Peoples articulates in law and legend this global ecology of Land-Water : Wind-Fire providing the fundamentals for the jurisprudence of sustainability for all life forms of Mother Earth including our human societies, locally, regionally, continentally, and at the global dimension.  At this point of the of the global climate crisis, this is the platform for the systemic change that is required to move human society towards homeostasis with the natural world which in reality is our only option.   It is the Offering of Cemanahuac.  It is the arrest of TERRACIDE.

These four principles of interdependence provide in scientific formulation and with spiritual revelation the pillars to support the fundamental platform to promote public health policies across the planet, beginning with the Health of Mother Earth. In terms of the sciences of western physics these principle are referenced by the Four Phases of matter, identified as Solid, Liquid, Gas, and Plasma.

The impending scenarios of epidemic and pandemic that accompany the projections of planetary climate chaos now upon us exacerbated by green house gas emissions of the industrialized societies causing global warming, require foresight and planning instruments to address the issues of public health and safety comprehensively. It is essential for the well being and common good of all that all public constituencies have the confidence and access to the public services of health and safety, without prejudice or discrimination.  The policies are also necessary for the simple reason that only by taking this course of action can we preserve the collective dignity of our shared humanity.

Today outrage and protest once again surround the office of Maricopa County Sheriff J. Arpaio in the wake of recent editorials in the Arizona Republic that bring forward the extreme dereliction of duty and abuse of power that the “Tough Sheriff” has exemplified for so long.  Very long.  Too long.  And so when we hear now of the outrage, protest and see that these denunciations are framed as violations of the peace and protection of the citizens of Arizona, let us also recall that yes, Arpaio will go. He will go on to be a stain on the history of Arizona, whether he RESIGNS or not.  But let us also recall and bring to accountability: We can recall, reject, force the resignation of Arpaio, but unless we address the underlying regimes of racial prejudice that generated the pogrom of persecution across the country ignited by AZ SB1070 we will only have changed a politician and allowed the policy of Arizona Apartheid to continue to perpetuate the crime of state sanctioned racism.
For clarification: Historically, legally, culturally, linguistically and at the psychic dimension the power structures that control and define US Citizenship have been held hostage to the concept and cultural identity of “White Person” as determinant.  In terms of public health, mental health in this case – the meme of “white person” with the accompanying white privilege and power structures of US society are endemic to the point that the fish (European-American constituencies) don’t even know they are wet.   In the south this same meme is known within the Latino-Americano context as “el hombre blanco”, or “la gente de razon”.

These cultural derivatives were launched into the meme stream of AMERICAN society with the Doctrine of Discovery, the Doctrine of Manifest Destiny, and the corollaries of the Monroe Doctrine and the Doctrine of Permanent War, AKA the War on Terror.  The American society we speak of is the continental regime change of October 12, 1492 and its derivative in the form of Divine Right of States that have come about as a result of the ongoing colonization of Abya Yala [the Americas] for 520 years.

We must not only call for the Sheriff J. Arpaio to RESIGN, we must also wake up to the climate of collusion and criminal complicity that institutions such as the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), and their local henchmen have made the norm in Arizona. These entities, agents of Econogenics, have been instrumental in not only propping up former senator R. Pearce, Sheriff J. Arpaio, Governor J. Brewer it must be acknowledged that their effectiveness in Arizona was built upon the pathology of the centuries old psychosis of racial supremacy known as “White America”: the Wall State.

The epitome of the Wall State psychosis is the creation, global militarization, and funding of the Doctrine of National Security of the State. With such a doctrine Permanent War inevitable, and as the US military is the major consumer of petroleum across the globe, the invasions in this time of past-the-peak-oil make the Wars of Petropolis in Iraq, in Chiapas, in Ecuador, in Afghanistan all the more ominous and deadly.  As Winona La Duke stated, referencing the demographic demise of the Wall State majority of America: “If America is an experiment in democracy, Arizona is the meth lab.”
And so, as the Occupy Wall Street movement also engages this pathology in every General Assembly across the land, we as Nican Tlacah Cemanahuac – Indigenous Peoples of Mother Earth also ask for healing, for health.   We do not propose unity, but strive instead to live with integrity.  We also ask consideration of the voice of those who are not heard, because they have yet to be born: the Future Generations.  Listen.  Listen to voice of human conscience that is the seed of Tree of Ancestors, which is also inherent in all of us and perhaps this time, here in Arizona what should have occurred on October 12, 1492 – can finally and for the first time be discovered.
Let’s not just put new clothes on the same old empire.

Can the European-Americans give up on their cultural addiction to the psychological pathogen of being “White People” ?

Let move consider movement beyond the Occupy Wall Street meme towards the Liberation From Wall State.  The Wall MUST Fall.  The artificial realities constructed by the walls of colonialism, racism, ignorance, and fear must be washed away by tonal waves of Human Cognition, and in support of local-global policies that recognize, respect, and protect and sustain us all.  In this new world built upon fundamental ancient principles, love for Mother Earth and the legacy the most original human societies of the planet, let us fight together to defend our Civil Rights, our Human Rights, Indigenous Rights and the Rights of Mother Earth.
Let us engage collectively and creatively as society in the work of Public Health and Public Safety. Let us accomplish first the fundamental realization that we are all Human Beings with responsibilities to the health of the natural world that we share equally and Human Rights that we also share equally, including the Right of Self Determination. Let us bring about systemic change to address the local-global climate crisis.  Let us heed the call: the Wakeup Call from the Nightmare of Manifest Destiny.
Tehan Titlacah : We, the Peoples : Nosotros, los Pueblos

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