#OccupyICE: Wall Street Stop Profiting from Deportations and Foreclosures

On December 15th, Occupy activists are coming together with immigrant rights activists, unions and everyday people in a historic day of action against fear.

March Starts 11:30am Olvera Street Main Plaza

Rally at 12pm Federal Building (300 N Los Angeles St)

Across the country, ICE is doing the dirty work of the 1%- targeting hardworking immigrant families who have struggled to turn poverty jobs into good jobs.  Together Wall Street and Big Banks have spent millions in lobbying and political contributions to pass anti-immigrant laws like SB 1070.  Wall Street is making billions from detaining families.

FEAR, college graduates feel when they are not able to find a job.  FEAR, that working Americans feel when the bank threatens to take away their home. FEAR, that after a lifetime of work we wont be able to retire with dignity. The 1% Profits from FEAR

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