#Occupy the Ports – A Day without Goldman Sachs

“Occupy the Ports/A Day without Goldman Sachs,” on December 12
Proposal Adopted by Unanimous Consensus of the General Assembly of OccupyLA, Nov. 15.

Occupy Los Angeles and Long Beach will carry out a port action, “Occupy the Ports/A Day without Goldman Sachs,” on December 12 as part of the Dec. 12 day of action, Boycott and March previously adopted by the GA. The occupation will take place at at least one facility owned by SSA Marine, a shipping company belonging to Goldman Sachs, (coordinated with a possible port shut down by the port truck drivers) as a build up towards a General Strike on May 1, 2012.

The General Strike Preparation Committee of Occupy LA, will work with the Dec. 12 Coalition, port truck drivers, longshore, warehouse and other port workers, community residents, unions, and Occupy Long Beach to plan and organize the Dec. 12 actions.

We will develop alliances in the process with organized and unorganized labor, student and community groups to prepare for and build towards a General Strike on May 1, 2012, or at any moment that circumstances and conditions demand.

We call on other Occupations to act on Dec. 12 and May 1.

The 1% are depriving port truck drivers and other workers of decent pay, working conditions and the right to organize, even while the port of LA/LB is the largest in the US and a huge engine of profits for the 1%. The 1% have pursued a conscious policy of de-industrialization that has resulted in “trade” at the port meaning that there are 7 containers coming in for every one going out. The 1% have driven migrant workers into a “grey market” economy and repression. The 1% use police brutality and repression, jails and prisons to suppress, divide and try to silence the 99% and all who oppose their insatiable greed. To put an end to all that, we call on the 99% to march, boycott, occupy the ports, and STRIKE on December 12 for full legalization, good jobs for all, equality and justice.

After the Occupy the Ports/A Day Without Goldman Sachs action, OccupyLA will be mobilizing people to the downtown March and Boycott.

Contact information: Michael Novick, 323-901-4269, occupytheports@gmail.com

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