#Occupy Birmingham Protests HB56 & ICE

Join Occupy Birmingham in the Fight Against HB56 & ICE

December 3rd 12pm @ Etowah County Detention Center (827 Forrest Ave, Gadsden, AL)

Join Occupy Birmingham in protesting HB56 and the Federal ICE program at the Etowah County/Gadsden Detention Center!  Etowah County, AL, reeling from the loss of manufacturing jobs due to government officials implementing corporate friendly policy (see Aderholdt’s signing of CAFTA) have pursued creating jobs through the prison-industrial-complex.  We at Occupy Birmingham stand firmly against tax payer dollars funding what is at heart a nativist, if not racist policy that is damaging our economy and communities.ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) facilities, like the one housed in the Etowah County Jail, suffer from weak oversight and have been notorious for inhumane conditions.  The detainees, which are often detained for no other reason than lacking documentation during routine traffic violations, suffer from lack of legal protections and basic due process. Please visit Occupybirmingham.org for more information on the protest.


There will be two carpooling groups leaving from Birmingham at 10am and 12 noon in two locations: the parking lot at 20th ST and 14th AVE S (in 5pts) and also the parking lot behind Sabor Latino on GREENSPRINGS.   There may also be transportation available in the Huntsville and surrounding Gadsden areas; please email us for more information.   EqualityForAlabama@gmail.com

Location in Gadsden to meet is on the corner of Terminal & Forest Ave in the old DHR building .

Location for carpool pick-up in Birmingham is:

  • 1st Pick-up – 10:00am : Blue monkey lounge parking lot – Off Cobb lane near 14th Ave South & 20th Street South in Downtown Birmingham
  • 2nd Pick-up – 12:00pm (noon) : 112 Greensprings Highway Homewood – in the Parking lot BEHIND Sabor Latino

Check back here for updates…more info soon. For more information contact us here: EqualityForAlabama@gmail.com

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