Migrant Day with #Occupy LA

JOIN US for Migrant Day with Occupy LA!!

Wednesday, Nov. 30th, 5-7pm @ OCCUPY LA (LA City Hall)

Carwash Workers, Day Laborers, Domestic Workers, Domestic Violence Victims, Street Vendors & Students will share testimonies on how their lives are affected by hateful anti-immigrant laws & programs like “Secure Communities” & 287(g) that promote racial profiling, criminalize communities of color & rip families apart.

Corporations & Legislators create anti-immigrant laws to funnel IMMIGRANTS into PRIVATELY-OWNED prisons & profit from their incarceration.

The 1% PROFITS from their EXPLOITATION in the workplace while SCAPEGOATING them for the Economic Crisis. IMMIGRANTS are Economic Refugees… IMMIGRANTS ARE PART OF THE 99%!!! JOIN US for Migrant Day with Occupy LA!!

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