Zombies descend on Wells Fargo Advisors in #Wichita

Zombies descend on

Wells Fargo Advisors

Meet: 5:00pm – Chester Lewis Park, 200 E. Douglas

End Point: Wells Fargo Advisors, 300 S. Main

Decades old group, Sunflower Community Action, and the recently formed #OccupyWichita movement converge on downtown investment office to demonstrate against corporate greed.

Wells Fargo is a major financier to Geo Group and Correction Corporation of America, two private prison corporations that own most of the private prison cells in the U.S.

Wichita, KS, October 31st, 2011:  Wichita groups have called for a civil demonstration against what they call “corporate cannibalism” and “investments of mass destruction.”  At issue for the demonstrators is Wells Fargo Advisor’s financing of predatory, ‘pay-day’ lenders, private prison industry expansion, and political lobbyists.  Wells Fargo is a major financier to Geo Group and Correction Corporation of America, two private prison corporations that own most of the private prison cells in the U.S.

As such, a massive online invitation has gone out to over a thousand people in the Wichita area to partake in a “Zombie Crawl” from the site of #OccupyWichita (Chester Lewis Park, 200 E. Douglas) to the Wells Fargo Advisors office a few blocks to the South-west.  Zombie Crawls are nothing new in Wichita, but typically they have no civil society focus.  “This crawl is innovative because it takes an event that Wichitans already participate in and focuses that energy towards positive change in their community,” said Sunflower Intern, CJ Schoch.  “We’re using the archetype of the zombie to make the point that the individuals whom hold power over Wells Fargo corporate strategy are making mindless, destructive choices to satisfy a desire for profit that can never be satiated.”

“Zombie Crawls” are characterized by large groups of individuals in zombie costumes roaming the streets.  Organizers of the Wells Fargo Advisors demonstration have taken a liberal approach to costumes for the event, as it has been scheduled for 4:30PM-5:30PM, directly after school and before darkness falls for Trick-or-Treaters.

Sunflower Community Action had this to say: “While pay-day loan investments cannibalize our local economy, Wells Fargo’s payments to the Podesta lobbying firm (one of the largest in the country) act as investments of mass destruction, ensuring further corporate deregulation while individuals become more likely to see the inside of Wells Fargo’s other big money maker: private prisons owned by the two largest companies in the industry, Geo and CCA.”

Sunflower organizer Emira Palacios expects 150 attendees, many of whom are not SCA-affiliated.  The key to expanding this protest has been inviting the #OccupyWichita movement.  Similar to the Kansas Policy Institute protest, the current protest was suggested to the General Assembly whom voted that they would help publicize the demonstration and attend.  Sunflower Community Action would like to express its most sincere solidarity with the #OccupyWichita and larger, populist 99% movement, and its most sincere gratitude for local demonstrators help with the national Wells Fargo divestment campaign.

So long as Kansans have a voice, we will continue to use it until solutions for our state are found.  Sunflower Community Action invites you to raise your voice (and the dead) before going Trick-Or-Treating this Halloween.  Bring your costume and your camera–C. Schoch

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