Action at Home of Wells Fargo CFO in #Los Angeles

POWER, ACCE, Refund California, SEIU, Enlace and allies said in a release that they were protesting outside Wells Fargo CFO Tim Sloan’s home (San Marino, CA) for the following reasons:

  • To demand that Wells Fargo divest from private prison companies that contract with the government to deport immigrant workers and redirect that money to the real economy, creating jobs, rebuilding housing and refunding government coffers.
  • To protest Wells Fargo for leading the major banks in peddling bad sub-prime mortgages to minority communities throughout the nation
  • To highlight that Wells Fargo pays the lowest corporate tax rate of any major bank (around 11 percent) and paid no taxes in 2009.

Click here to see pictures of the action on Enlace’s page or here to read the article published in San Marino Patch

Click here to watch videos, Video 2, Video 3

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