October National Month of Action against Wells Fargo

October 4, 2011 – MEDIA ADVISORY

National contact: Daniel Carrillo   (323) 514-4048   daniel@enlaceintl.org

 Protests against Wall Street & Wells Fargo’s for their Role in Immigrant Detention

What: Protesters in 13 major cities across the country will converge on branches of Wells Fargo Bank to demand that Wells Fargo abandon its role in the nation’s rapidly expanding for-profit immigrant detention system in a National Month of Action against Wells Fargo.

Why:   Over the past three years, hundreds of thousands of non-criminal immigrants have been subjected to excessively abusive treatment in for profit prisons run for the federal government by the Geo Group (GEO) and Corrections of America (CCA). Through its mutual funds, Wells Fargo is a major investor in the GEO, the nation’s second largest private prison company, and a minor shareholder in CCA, the largest.  The Prison Divestment Campaign is working to pressure investors to divest from the prison industry and cut all political ties.

These for-profit prison companies, which rely on billions of tax dollars as their primary source of revenue, have successfully lobbied federal and state governments to adopt and implement policies that have led to the incarceration of over one million immigrants over the past three years.  Recent reports by the Houston Chronicle and PBS showed that excessive abuse of detainees is rampant across the increasingly privatized federal immigrant detention system.

Wells Fargo, a recipient of billions of tax bail-out dollars, is a major contributor to politicians who have championed the increased incarceration of immigrants.  Wells Fargo has also played a key role supporting GEO business ventures.


Arizona– Tucson November 1st

California Los Angeles October 5th & 19th and Nov 9th

-San Francisco October 12th

-Oakland November 5th

Colorado– Denver October 25th & 28th and Nov 7th

Florida-Miami November 1st & 5th

Kansas– Wichita October 29th & 31st

Minnesota– Minneapolis October 15th

New York Long Island October 29th

-Manhattan October 29th

Oregon– Portland October 29th

Texas- Austin November 5th

Washington- Seattle October 29th 


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