2016 Prison Divest Week of Action

During our 2015 Week of Engagement, communities across the country explored how we are all tied to the criminal justice and immigration systems, through our lived experience, community ties, or capital ties to our institutions. The goal of the 2016 Week of Action the Prison Divestment Campaign is to reduce the lobbying power of the private prison industry by taking away their tax subsidies. We are pressuring the Joint Committee on Taxation to revoke tax-free REIT status for private prisons. This is a crucial step toward moving our communities out of the criminal justice and immigration enforcement systems.

The Joint Committee on Taxation has the power to revoke Private Prisons’ tax-free REIT Status. Committee Members include Representatives Devin Nunes (CA), Sam Johnson (TX), Kevin Brady (TX), Sander M. Levin (MI), Charles B. Rangel (NY) and Senators Orrin G. Hatch (UT), Chuck Grassley (IA), Mike Crapo (ID), Ron Wyden (OR), and Debbie Stabenow (MI). Sign the petition to revoke REIT status now.

Week of Action activities will raise the profile of the campaign, provide information and encourage community members and organizations to analyze how they have been impacted by these systems, and to imagine where and how we could reinvest in our communities to foster healing and solidarity across class and racial divides.

Current list of events:

 Add your event to the list on our Facebook page or by e-mailing jamie@enlaceintl.org.

Through Prison Divestment, we can influence the root causes of this issue, attacking the profit motive that has seen an explosion in incarceration of Black and brown communities.

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