Cumbia for Liberation #AbolishICE #AbolishCages


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Join us in Sacramento as we cumbia our way towards liberation!

We demand accountability and action from Governor Newsom and Attorney General Beccera to end contracts and investements from companies who profit off of the incarceration and deportation of our people!

The caging of our community members for-profit has led to the illicit prosperity of a few at the expense of all. If we are to demand that the inhumanity of for-profit detention must end, we must simultaneously demand that all private cages, be they criminal or civil, be dismantled and community-led alternatives to incarceration be developed and implemented.

GEO Group is attempting to dramatically expand these facilities despite outrage from community members. This is why California, as the state with the largest number of immigrants, must take a stand that reflects our values, and not those of a Florida-based company that is only concerned about its bottom line.

Stay tuned for the exciting DJ line up and speakers!

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