Support hunger strikers and amplify the call to abolish detention

Via Detention Watch Network

Just this year, there have been seven hunger strikes that we are aware of inside detention to protest the inhumane nature of immigrant incarceration. Hunger strikers’ demands often underscore well-documented issues endemic to the immigration detention system, including, egregious conditions, abuse treatment and fatally inadequate medical care. The ongoing and increasing number of hunger strikes at detention centers across the country indicate the urgent need to release people from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody.

Today, a coalition of immigrant justice groups are holding a Congressional Briefing to draw attention to the increasing number of hunger strikes, the conditions that led to these strikes, and the communities that are being impacted.

Support hunger strikers and amplify the call to abolish detention today by:
Retweeting @DetentionWatch, @dmscelpaso, @NWDCResistance, @MigrantFreedom, @SAALTweets, @sikh_coalition, @SALDEF during the briefing from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm EDT
Signing the petition

If you ever hear rumors of a hunger strike happening at a detention center near you, please report it to Gabriela Marquez-Benitez, DWN’s Membership Director for support:

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