Abolition Action Assembly & Oppose Constructions of New Jail/Prison in MA

Via Harvard Prison Divestment

Join the Harvard Prison Divestment Campaign this Saturday, March 30th at our second Abolition Action Assemblies in South Arcade Room, 2nd Floor Smith Center (in the Arts Wing)!

This week we will be exploring the deep historical roots of the prison-industrial complex together. We will also be continuing our project of mapping the fifty core companies of the prison-industrial complex. This participatory event will help us to highlight how Harvard’s present investments are part of a long history that originates with slavery.

Be sure to bring your laptop and charger! If you don’t have one, we welcome you as well and will make accommodations for you to participate. If you encounter any issues accessing the building or finding the room, call 609-937-8714 for assistance.

For those unable to make it Saturday, we would ask them to show up to the State House to oppose the construction of a new jail and prison in Massachusetts this coming Monday, April 1 at 1pm! Tell the commission to stop pouring money into incarceration and start dedicating those funds to repairing the individuals and communities incarcerating has harmed. See blurb below for details.

Stop Mass Incarceration, Oppose Consideration of New Jail Sites

When: Monday, April 1, 2010 at 1:00PM 

Where: State House, Room A1, hearing of the Joint Committee on State Administration and Oversight 

Oppose S1851: Resolve establishing a special commission to identify a suitable location for a justice complex in Southern Middlesex County. This bill would create a commission to evaluate and make recommendations on a site for a new justice complex that includes a correctional facility and a facility for female pretrial detainees and females sentenced to the house of corrections for 21/2 years or less.  

Please join us at the state house to oppose consideration of new jail and prison construction. Millions are already spent on incarceration that need to be re-invested into treatment, training, jobs, re-entry programs, and our communities. We need your help to end racial disparities in the criminal justice system and strengthen communities throughout the Commonwealth. Too many people, especially from communities of color, are locked up or unemployed as result. Over a million black children have a parent in a U. S. prison and these children are 7 times more likely to go to jail themselves. Prison or jail also is not an appropriate setting for drug treatment.

Abolition Action Assembly is a space convened by the Harvard Prison Divestment Campaign intended to increase involvement among our organizing base. We will hold space every Saturday from 1-3pm for campaign supporters, organizers, and abolitionists to work collectively on concrete tasks related to the campaign’s mission. Activities will vary weekly, while each assembly will start with interactive political education about abolition. Artwork is courtesy of Bianca Diaz. See more of her work at https://www.biancadiaz.com/!

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