Harvard Prison Divestment Petition Rally

The Harvard Prison Divestment Campaign’s Petition has gathered over 2600 signatures in a matter of two weeks. Yet Harvard University President Larry Bacow has refused to express any interest in working to divest the 39 billion dollar endowment from companies like Axon (the corporation that sells Tasers), GeoGroup and CoreCivic (immigration detention centers), and Tokio Marine (bail bond holder).
And WHO KNOWS what else is hiding within the 99% of the endowment that isn’t disclosed?

Join us in the Petition Rally- RSVP on Facebook

Friday, March 1, 2019 at 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM at Mass Hall, Harvard Yard

“One thing you have to understand about me is that I don’t respond to demands, I respond to reason,” Bacow told six organizers from the pro-divestment organization after reiterating the University’s long-standing anti-divestment position.

During the meeting, the organizers also demanded that the University disclose any holdings Harvard currently has in companies tied to the prison industry, according to the group’s press release.

In response, Bacow “refused to commit to disclosure or divestment,” though he noted that he respected the group’s concerns, according to the press release.

Come tell Larry that it’s time to divest. SOLIDARITY. We have power in numbers. Let’s show Larry the wide support that prison divestment has.

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