No Hate: Refugee Caravan Solidarity Rally

Image may contain: textMore than 7,000 migrants from Central America – primarily Honduras – are making their way across Mexico to the US border seeking asylum, driven by poverty and violence. Like other groups of migrants before them, they are traveling in a caravan to keep each other safe and to bring public attention to the conditions they are fleeing and the enormous challenges of migration.

Refugees are fleeing from the poverty and violence caused by economic and political US intervention like the Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA). The most recent imperialism intervention in Central America occurred when former President Obama and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sponsored a military coup in Honduras against democratically elected president, Manuel Zelaya.

As these migrants make their way north, Republicans have unleashed racist lies about the caravan, violent right-wing militias have vowed to take up arms against the migrants, and President Trump has ordered 5,000 support troops to the border.

Anti-immigrant hate has long been the primary incubator of a deadly far-right movement that has been growing in this country.  This is the same far right movement that lead to the deaths of Maurice Stallard and Vickie Jones, two African Americans gunned down by a white racist in a Krogers parking lot in Kentucky last week, and the 11 victims of Pittsburg’s synagogue shooting, targeted both for being Jewish and for their work in support of refugees.  

We must stand up to show our solidarity with the migrant caravan and all immigrants, and refugees and all victims of bigotry and state violence. We must fight back against the racist, violent rhetoric and actions of Republicans, and the weak-willed complacency of the Democrats.

We must call out the US’ deep-rooted imperialism and intervention in Latin America that have led so many migrants to flee their homes. We must build a movement that recognizes the shared interest of people on both sides of the border to unite against bigotry and hate.

Join us this Saturday, November 3rd, to voice our support for all migrants seeking asylum and opportunity. RSVP on Facebook.

We demand a radical shift in U.S. immigration policy that recognizes the rights of all people, regardless of where they were born.

We demand permanent protection for all undocumented immigrants.

We demand immediate demilitarization of the US-Mexico border, an end to all deportations, and the abolition of ICE, without replacement.

We demand a world that recognizes the free movement of people, not the free movement of capital.

We call for a movement that unites working people on both sides of the border against the forces of bigotry and hate.and exploitation.

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