Profiteers Day: Demand Wall St Divest from the Prison Industry

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August 2nd at 5:30pm at 23 Wall St 

The demand to “Abolish ICE” has gained tremendous traction recently, and we need to seize this momentum. Congress so far has not stopped our white supremacist president from terrorizing innocent people. So we must abolish I.C.E. by defying it and limiting its powers at the local level, even as we keep pressuring the federal government to find its conscience. Complicit politicians and profiteering corporations must be called out and pushed into action.

Join Rise and Resist for four actions in four days targeting local, state and federal government entities that enable ICE cruelty and the private companies that profit from detention. We will demand specific actions at every level to diminish ICE’s abuses of power.

“Profiteers Day” will be a “Wall Street Fleece Market.” Performers, singers, visual artists, puppeteers and every kind of protester will do a mock hawking of For-Profit Prison industry apparatus while engaging and empowering people on the street to demand that Bank of America, JP Morgan and Wells Fargo stop funding this industry that enables and drives I.C.E. to detain and imprison our neighbors and separate their families. Whether you want to hold a tune, hold court or hold a sign, please join us to make a joyous, righteous but raucous noise to put those profiting from I.C.E. on notice. If you want to help create props or posters or whatever inspires you, please do and please let us know:

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