Tell Austin City Council to Vote YES on the #FreedomCities Policy

Via Grassroots Leadership

There is a crisis in Austin: too many people of color are arrested and jailed in our community. It is sometimes hidden, other times it is in plain sight. And the problem isn’t just in Austin, but something people of color are fighting in cities around the country.

But Austin is our home and it is where we have the power to make the change we want to see. SIGN THE PETITION!

On June 14, Austin City Council is considering our Freedom City policy, which is comprised of two items, 74 and 73. We need your support to make it a reality for our community.  The Freedom City policy is a step toward our vision for a city that is inclusive and safe for all, a Freedom City. Resolution 74 directs the City of Austin to create policy to further protect immigrant community members and their constitutional rights under SB4. And resolution 73 directs the city to reduce racial disparities in arrests and eliminate the low-level arrests that APD doesn’t have to make in the first place. Many arrests are eligible for citation instead (it is even already in state law!).

The struggle to make Austin safe for people of color and immigrants is going to be a long fight. But this is a step forward we can take together in our own community. We hope you’ll join us to fight for this victory now and join the movement for #FreedomCities with us for the long haul.

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