2018 Refugee Caravan: Viacrucis Migrantes en la Lucha

Via Pueblo Sin Fronteras

We are a group of people from different nations, religions, genders, gender expressions, and sexual orientations migrating and seeking refuge. We seek to become one collective, supporting each other shoulder to shoulder and demonstrating that by uniting we can abolish borders.

We Central Americans have formed a caravan of many united in struggle. We leave Tapachula, Chiapas on March 25.

If all goes well we will be in Puebla, Mexico from April 5 to 9 to participate in legal preparation and workshops. From there we will hope for the blessing of solidarity from the Mexican people and human rights organizations, who we hope will join our struggle and assist us with the supplies and resources that they have available. We appreciate the support and collaboration of the people of Mexico and the United States. We hope to be an example of solidarity and struggle to the world.

 We demand of our Central American countries:

-an end to political corruption

-an end to violence against women and the LGBTQIA community

-an end to failures of justice for victims of domestic violence, extortion, threats, and homophobia

-an end to corruption between gangs, the police, and governments 

-an end to murder with impunity and gang recruitment of youth


We demand of Mexico and the United States: 

-That they respect our rights as refugees and our right to dignified work to be able to support our families

-That they open the borders to us because we are as much citizens as the people of the countries where we are and/or travel

-That deportations, which destroy families, come to an end

-No more abuses against us as migrants

-Dignity and justice

-That the US government not end TPS for those who need it

-That the US government stop massive funding for the Mexican government to detain Central American migrants and refugees and to deport them

-That these governments respect our rights under international law, including the right to free expression

-That the conventions on refugee rights not be empty rhetoric

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