#DefundHate Petition Delivery

Join DWN, MoveOn, CREDO, AFSC and the #DefundHate coalition tomorrow at 9am in D.C. as we deliver over 115,000 petitions to Congress demanding cuts to funding for ICE and CBP.

Register here for tomorrow’s petition delivery!

When: Tuesday, March, 13 at 9am
Where: Capitol (First St SE and East Capitol St NE, in front of the visitor center)
What: Overview of the purpose of delivery and roles, take a photo, then head to the deliveries!

For months, groups across the country have been meeting with their representatives and senators, reminding them that if they are truly supporters of immigrants, they should be opposing funding for these dangerous and harmful agencies.

Right now, Congress is making decisions about funding for the rest of this fiscal year ahead of the March 23rd funding deadline. In the spending bill, Trump and Republican leaders are requesting $21.5 BILLION to ramp up the detention and deportation machine.

Join tomorrow’s petition delivery!

If you can’t join us tomorrow, you can still:

  • Sign and circulate the #DefundHate campaign petition on MoveOn.org against immigration enforcement and detention funding. Please share this accompanying graphic on social media
  • Ask your Members of Congress to:
      • Publicly call for significant cuts to the detention and deportation machine and fight against any funding bill which wastes taxpayer dollars on this unaccountable and abusive system (additional talking points here)

    • Express their concerns to Democratic leadership about the moral imperative to refuse to fund President Trump’s mass deportation force and border wall


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