Renter Week of Action & Assemblies

Banner_Revised_BiLingualFrom September 18th – 23rd join thousands of renters for bold and powerful actions across the country to stand up for our communities, defend our homes and fight for a world where all people have dignified and affordable homes!

Every day millions of us are struggling to find affordable housing, facing enormous rent increases and being forced from our homes by unjust evictions. Every day we experience the violent impacts of gentrification as we see our neighbors displaced, the grocery store on the corner turned into luxury lofts, and our communities and cultures disregarded. As federal authorities threaten to cut almost $7 billion from Housing & Urban Development, corporate and Wall Street landlords get government subsidies to buy up our communities for pennies on the dollar.

Join Homes For All for the Renter Week of Action & Assemblies Today!

Corporate landlords think they can steal our cultures, devour our paychecks, deny our humanity, push us out of our neighborhoods and turn our cities into playgrounds for the wealthy. They can’t, they won’t and it’s up to us to stop them! Our movement is resilient, powerful and wholly capable of not just beating back these attacks but transforming our society to one where people and the planet come before the profits of real estate moguls, banks and corporations.

In cities, towns, and suburbs—on highways and in byways—in the heartland and on the coast—we will demonstrate to the landlords, the developers, and the government that the Renter Nation is rising and we are a force to be reckoned with.

Join Homes For All for the Renter Week of Action & Assemblies Today!

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