Launch of Community Defense and Hate-Free Zones in NYC

screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-1-51-07-pmIn this period of uncertainty and attacks on many of our communities (immigrants, Black, Muslim, LGBTQ, women, Latino, workers, youth, and many others), it is more critical than ever that our communities come to the forefront of leading the fights internally within our own communities, and in partnership with other communities.

Please join us this Friday, December 2nd, for the launch of a community defense and “hate-free zone” in Queens. RSVP on Facebook!

We need to have average, everyday people see that our own communities can do something without relying solely on elected officials to defend and protect us. We can recall the successes of the immigrant rights movement from a decade ago when our communities took to the streets in millions across the country to not only protect ourselves from racism and xenophobia, but to also defeat the racist, backward 2006 Sensenbrenner bill that would have criminalized undocumented people and their allies. We are now reliving a similar moment in history. The call to action must be answered with thoughtfulness and urgency if we are to push back against the attacks by the incoming Trump administration.
We are inviting you to join us on Friday, December 2nd for an action here in Jackson Heights with a press conference, rally and march through the heart of communities in Queens, that have a special place in NY and the country as being diverse and having a large immigrant, Muslim, LGBTQ, Latino communities and all largely working class. These are all frontline communities who are looking for ways to come together to defend themselves and gain mutual support for the days to come. We hope this action will help jumpstart similar efforts in immigrant neighborhoods in the city and nationwide to declare our neighborhoods as “Hate-Free Zones”

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