No Tax Breaks for Private Prisons! Sign Petition!

Did you know that private prisons received over $113 million in tax breaks last year? We are pressuring the Joint Committee on Taxation to revoke tax-free REIT status for private prisons. This is a crucial step toward moving our communities out of the criminal justice and immigration enforcement systems.

REIT 2016

Sign our petition to demand an end to private prison tax breaksThe Joint Committee on Taxation must end tax breaks for private prisons by revoking private prisons’ REIT Status.    In 2013, GEO and CCA received Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) status, which creates a loophole for them and their investors to make billions in profit from incarcerating people of color and immigrants TAX-FREE! In 2015, GEO and CCA used the REIT tax loophole to avoid paying over $113 million in Federal taxes.    The incarceration of immigrants and people of color should not be a for-profit business, and it should not be tax-free.
Sign the petition, then share our adorable baby-hates-prison-tax-breaks meme on Facebook and Twitter, and our families-detained-for-profit meme on Facebook and Twitter.

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