Youth Lead Fight Against Mass Incarceration, Detention and Deportation

This past month youth led a powerful action against the GEO Group in Florida during a historic national convening on mass incarceration & detention. Now, local prison divestment campaigns are blooming in cities such as Los Angeles, Oakland, Portland, and New York City.

To continue building youth-led movements, the Prison Divestment Campaign is hosting the 2nd Annual Prison Divestment Youth Retreat in Los Angeles on August 6-9th. The retreat brings together youth organizers from across the country who recognize that in order to address the criminalization of communities of color and the systemic harassment of immigrants, we must confront the private interests supporting racist, anti-immigrant and pro-incarceration policies.

Apply Today!

The retreat is a space to continue building Black, Brown, and Asian unity. Participants will also gain the organizing tools needed to launch new prison divestment campaigns on campuses and in local communities. The retreat strengthens the national youth-led movement against mass incarceration striving for prison abolition, end immigrant detention, and legalization for all immigrants.

Join us in Los Angeles on August 6th-9th. Apply Today!

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