Video: #EndImmigrantDetention & #EndMassIncarceration

On May 3- 5, together, we made history. Black, Brown, Asian, LGBTQ, youth, labor, faith, and immigrant communities convened in Boca Raton, Florida. This is #OurTime.

Hundreds came together having seen that all of our communities are being criminalized, killed, deported, and incarcerated. We demonstrated our unity in a collectively-led action outside the headquarters of GEO Group, a corporation that globally collaborates with governments to advance criminalization, deportation, and incarceration of communities of color and immigrants. Our struggle against this company represents the struggle at the intersection of criminal justice and immigrant rights. This company represents the dangerous collaboration between the private sector and the government that is eroding our freedom and our democracy, as both entities collude to expand violence and control over our lives.

During our 3-day convening, keynote panelist Desmond Meade said that “MLK was assassinated the moment he began to work for black and brown unity, and began talking about economic justice and the war abroad.” Check out the amazing video of our action below.

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