Diverse National Coalition to take on mass incarceration & immigration enforcement

We are currently in the struggle to end criminalization, incarceration, and immigration enforcement. Read about how Prison Divestment Campaign Partners are taking on the for-profit Immigration & Prison Industrial Complex:

Afrikan Black Coalition: University of California Prison Divestment

Black Alliance for Just Immigration: #TheRealCrime, #BlackLivesMatters

California Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance: #Not1More Deportation, Private Prisons

Color of Change: Police Accountability, Private Prisons

Communities United Against Mass Incarceration: Criminal Justice & Private Prisons

Dream Defenders: #BlackLivesMatters, Youth Justice, University Prison Divestment

Detention Watch Network: End the Quota, Familty Detention

Families for Freedom: ICE Free NYC, Family Detention

Florida Immigrant CoalitionDeportations & Detentions

Grassroots Leadership: Family Detention, Treatment Industrial Complex

Northern Manhattan Coalition for Immigrant Rights: NYC Immigrant Family Unity Project

National Day Laborer Organizing Network: #Not1More Deportation

National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights: International Migrant Rights & Global Justice, Human Rights @ International Borders

Presente.org: Gates Campaign, Obama Legacy on Deportation

Rights for All People: Dignity Not Detention

Responsible Endowments Coalition: Prison Divestment at Universities

SEIU USWW: Immigrant Worker Rights

Together Colorado: Lifelines to Healing

United Methodist Church: Criminal Justice & Immigrant Rights

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