National Youth Gathering to End the For-Profit Prison Industry

Youth Retreat to End Private PrisonsENLACE-POSTER_outline_campaign11x85

We are building a powerful movement for a prison-free, immigrant-friendly world, and we need your help.

Every year more and more low income and youth of color are pushed out of school and into cages. The criminal and immigration systems are destroying the lives of youth by separating families and destroying our communities. 

This August, youth from around the country are coming together in Miami to take a stand. The very schools that youth of color attend are also financing the expansion of the prison industrial complex. When a student or a member of our community is detained, deported, or incarcerated,  these schools reap profits!

We need your help to bring everyone together! 
Tax dollars, pension funds, and university endowment funds are being invested in the racist prison industry. This money is used by private prison companies like CCA and GEO to build new prisons and lobby politicians to support laws that increase incarceration. Campaigns led by youth across the country are demanding schools divest from prisons and invest in humanity. We need you to invest in these students, support education not incarceration. Donate now to make this national convening possible.

With your support, we will be able to subsidize travel costs for 40 youth participants, provide lodging, print materials, and provide 3 days of meals. The youth retreat is being organized by youth for youth. All donations will go directly to cover youth retreat costs. 

We need you to stand by youth of color and our communities. Invest in humanity! 

Education Not Incarceration!

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