Urge @ThePrincipal to #divest from PrincipalPrisons.org

Join us and our friends at @ColorOfChange in turning up the pressure on @ThePrincipalFinancialGroup, a company that claims to be “one of the most ethical in the world” yet supports the private prison system with a $106 million investment.

Today is The Principal’s annual shareholder meeting and advocates all over the country are working to make sure the company’s shameful support of for-profit prisons doesn’t get swept under the rug.




Can you take a moment to write on @ThePrincipalsFinancialGroup’s Facebook page and demand divestment? Together we have the power to hold this company accountable and stand up for a more humane and fair criminal justice system.



No excuse. @ThePrincipal has the power to #divest. Demand end of $105M #PrivatePrisons support: PrincipalPrisons.org #PrincipalPrisons

Join #PrincipalPrisons Day of Action! During annual shareholder meeting urge @ThePrincipal to #divest from PrincipalPrisons.org

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