Bill Gates: Divest from Private Prisons!

The Gates Foundation Trust has millions invested in GEO Group, the for-profit prison company with conditions so horrible that detainees are hunger striking at two of their facilities. Join Enlace, & 25 other organizations in calling on Gates to dump investments in private prisons.

Sign the petition now!

The Gates Foundation Trust has millions invested in for-profit prisons, and Bill Gates will not respond to community pressure to divest. On March 7, Enlace,, and 25 other immigrant rights, criminal justice, and social justice organizations sent Bill Gates a letter demanding divestment from the unethical and inhumane GEO Group, whose immigrant detention facilities are notorious for prisoner abuses and waste of taxpayer dollars. Join us for a press conference of community organizations and Gates grantees who demand divestment by Gates from private prisons. Investors like the Gates Foundation Trust finance prisons companies that lobby for taxpayer money to pay for brutal immigration enforcement policies that fill private prisons with undeserving people who should be free to support their families. The Gates Foundation Trust is located less than 35 miles from GEO Group’s now-notorious immigrant detention center in Tacoma, where courageous detainees have been on hunger strike for over a month to protest the horrible conditions at the facility and deportations. The Gates Foundation Trust is financing exploitative labor conditions, inadequate food, and understaffing that occur at the Tacoma facility and other GEO Group facilities, as well as the anti-immigrant policies that lead detainees to languish there for months.

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